If you’re not a rabid gaming fan or a network administrator or a cutting edge digital art aficionado, then it can be hard to choose a laptop that’s right for you. No Longer! Sony VAIO N330NB Notebook PC combines the perfect blend of power, efficiency, and an affordable price tag.

I look at laptops all day, and I think the Sony VAIO N330NB Notebook PC is one of the most seamlessly designed, attractive notebooks around the TigerTV labs. We’ve got the graphics-crunching game oriented rigs and the bargain-basement refurb models (great deals, by the way. Refurbs are the perfect choice for balling on a budget). But Sony VAIO computers always take the cake for design, reliability, and downright elegance. Yeah, I said elegance.

The slate-gray exterior surface contrasts well with the brushed metal décor once the Sony VAIO N330NB Notebook PC is opened. It has a 15.4-inch screen with 1280×800 resolution, augmented by Sony’s own XBRITE-ECO technology. And this laptop has some of the greatest specs I’ve come across for the price, too: goodies like 1GB of DDR2 memory, an Intel Core Duo T2350 1.86 GHz processor, and a full 100 GB of hard drive space. That ominous silence? Critics running out of room to argue.

Sony revamped their design from last year’s models, and the Sony VAIO N330NB Notebook PC is no exception. This minimalist styling goes a long way (with me at least) over the bulky “Look what I’ve thrown Together!” look of other manufacturers. But remember, the Sony VAIO N330NB Notebook PC only looks like it’s missing important pieces: there’s connections for flash media cards, USB devices, ExpressCard connectivity, even FireWire. There’s even an external switch to turn your wireless (integrated, naturally!) on or off. Take that, botnets.

Still not convinced? I’ve got a video review here that should get you all salivating for your very own piece of Sony VAIO N330NB Notebook PC goodness. And you can satiate that all-too-understandable need by clicking on the “related link” below. You’ll be glad you did!

Sony VAIO N330NB Notebook PC

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