It’s about that time, folks: when the year comes to a close, and your old worn-out TV starts to look its age. But what can you do about it? Over the next couple of days, I’ll show you some flat panel TV options from the extremely budget conscious to the stuff your dreams are made of. We’ll start small: Olevia 323V 23-inch HD ready LCD Display.

Is it a monitor? Is it a TV? The Olevia 323V 23-inch LCD Display does not have a TV tuner built in, as all “Flat panel Televisions” do. But other than that, it is essentially a TV. This means that you get the same capacity to view HD content, and all the connectivity of a TV, plus all of Olevia’s great onboard technologies. But the price is much lower than a true TV of comparable quality. Bad for Olevia, Good For You!

“It’s not a TV. So it’s an LCD Monitor.” You say. Not really. You can achieve much higher resolutions via an LCD monitor connected to a PC. However, when it comes to high definition, most LCD monitors can do no better than the 720p native signal of this Olevia 323V. And you’ll have a hard time finding a quality 23-inch monitor for what this display costs!

Let’s talk specs for a minute, since that’s the bread and butter of any flat panel display. The 23-inch screen has 1366×768 pixel resolution and a truly impressive 1600:1 contrast ratio. Try finding that number on any other LCD TV of this size. It’s a true Widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, so all your movies are going to look great. Along with 8ms response time and 6500K color combinations, this display also has several Olevia exclusive technologies to make your viewing experience even better.

Director’s Image is one of those features. It reproduces the movie you’re watching to the most specific picture and contrast information on the DVD, so that you see exactly what the studio intended. Big Picture Technology is another favorite: it magnifies the screen image so that much more of the screen is utilized. It provides 37% more of analog images and up to 11% more of digital broadcasts, without distortion.

In case you were wondering what the difference between an LCD and a “regular” display (TV or Computer Monitor, it doesn’t matter) is, I’ll go over it in brief. Basically, “LCD” stands for Liquid Crystal Display. Liquid crystals are almost exactly what they sound like: crystalline structures encased in a liquid. When electricity is run through a LCD array, the crystals either expand or contract, depending on the signal. This either allows a backlight to shine through (contracted) or blocks the light to varying degrees (expanded). A contracted LCD pixel displays its color; an expanded pixel displays a degree of darkness, or the color black.

Toshiba HD DVD PlayerWhew! No more science, I promise! I stated earlier that the 323V display does not have a TV tuner. This means you must use it in conjunction with a set top box, such as DirectTV or digital cable. It also works great with Upconverting DVD players, and can even connect to blue laser disk players, like Blu-Ray and HD DVD. It can’t display 1080p signals in all their glory, but it can scale them down to 1080i, the highest signal the Olevia 323V 23-inch display can project without compression.

There’s plenty of connection options, too! The Olevia 323V HD-Ready LCD Display has connections for PC (VGA), regular antenna, Component and Composite video, S-Video, and even HDMI. HDMI, in case you don’t know, is the perfect all-digital connection designed for your high definition content. All right, enough already. If you’re interested in this little LCD wonder, just click on the Related Link below!

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