It’s about that time, folks: when the year comes to a close, and your old worn-out TV starts to look its age. But what can you do about it? Over the next couple of days, I’ll show you some flat panel TV options from the extremely budget conscious to the stuff your dreams are made of. Want something that you can show friends, relatives, and (of course) your neighbors, but don’t want to break the bank? Check out the Panasonic TC-32LX700 32-inch LCD TV.

Panasonic makes some of the best flat panel display televisions on the market. They have a reputation for reliability as well. This is important, because regardless of whether you get a warrantee or not (You really should) it’s a bummer to lose your television picture during the fast paced climax of your favorite film or the pivotal shot of the big game. I’ll introduce you to the Panasonic TC-32LX700 High Definition LCD TV in this post…after that it’s up to you!

First the Specs
The Panasonic TC-32LX700 32-inch HD LCD TV is a true high definition LCD display television with 720p native resolution. The actual pixel count is 1366×768, but you’ll never notice them! That’s because special onboard technology along with 6ms response time mean that you’ll never notice jagged pixel edges. The screen is 32 inches diagonal, giving you a great big viewing area without the need to alter your furniture to accommodate it. The screen is true 16:9 aspect ratio, so your letterbox movies won’t be clipped or bordered by those annoying black strips.

Crisp, Lifelike Details
HDTV broadcasts and DVDs offer more detail and better color than analog broadcasts, and it takes a high-resolution display to deliver all that picture information. The high pixel count of this LCD TV provides fine detail for outstanding HDTV reproduction. More pixels also translate into less stair-stepping artifacts; curved and diagonal edges look smooth and natural. An onboard backlighting control actually dims the backlight during dark scenes, making for more realistic playback.

HD DVD Player from ToshibaThis Television has all the connections you could ever need, as well. Use HDMI to connect your high definition capable set top box or an Upconverting DVD player. Upconverting DVD players take the signal on a regular, standard definition DVD and compress it, so that it is exported in 720p. This matches the native 720p resolution of the Panasonic TC-32LX700 32-inch HD LCD TV. The results are nothing short of spectacular! If you’re interested in getting one of these great TVs for yourself, you should know that it costs much less than you’d expect…under 900 dollars, in fact. Click the “Related Link” below, and sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself!

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