There is always someone trumpeting their product as designed specifically for gaming, but do those offers really address the heart of a game-oriented, pro-style PC? Mostly, no-they do not. We got sick of this, and decided to put together a true-blue gaming platform build. Where does one start when assembling a DIY kit of such proportions? Three letters: SLI.

For those that don’t know, TigerDirect Barebone kits are specifically designed for the Do-it-Yourself computer builder. Whether you’ve done this type of thing a million times or you’re just now figuring out how to attach the anti-static strap to your wrist, we’ve got the Barebone kit for you. But this kit in particular is designed for someone who endeavors to build a gaming or graphics oriented PC. While everyone out there totes their products as intended for “gaming,” this one actually is.

XFX GeForce 7300 GT Graphics CardsThat’s because we’ve included twin graphics cards in this barebone. The two XFX GeForce 7300 GT cards are connectable via SLI, NVIDIA’s own technology that (long story short) allows you to combine the graphics capability of both cards for the ultimate visual experience. Aside from that, these cards are perfect (not to mention necessary) for running a dual-monitor desktop. They also come in handy when you’re trying to watch High Definition content on your TV. Basically, these make up the bread and butter of this barebone.

XFX GeForce 7300 GT Video Card

But they wouldn’t get far without a processor. We’ve chosen the Intel Pentium D 925 Dual Core 3.0GHz cpu. Intel Pentium D 925 3.0GHz Dual Core ProcessorThis isn’t the newest processor design out of Intel, but it’s pushing 3 gigahertz of data, so you’re set for power. Rounding out the performance aspects of this PC-to-be is 2 gigabytes of DDR2 system memory from Crucial. These guys make some impressive RAM components, and these two 1024MB sticks are no exception.

You’ll have to connect all this good stuff to a motherboard: why not the XFX nForce 680i LT? We’ve packed this one in there too. XFX nForce 680i LT MotherboardIts got dual PCI-express x16 slots, which is absolutely necessary for the SLI configuration you’re going to be running here. It has a staggering 1333MHz front side bus speed, dual onboard LAN, and supports RAID configurations. There’s so much packed into this board, you’ll just have to watch the video review below to find out the rest.

XFX nForce 680i LT Motherboard

Beyond that, we’ve included a 400-watt power supply from our friends down at Ultra, a Maxtor DiamondMax 21 Hard Drive that spins at 7200rpms and holds up to 250GB of data. Your music, your movies, and your pictures won’t be enough to fill up this drive. Wait, don’t quote me on that. Black Aluminus ATX Full-Tower CaseBut if you do fill it up, there’s always room for an expansion drive in the Black Aluminus tower case . This sexy case sports a clear side panel (so everyone can see your graphics card(s) plural), Five 5.25-inch external bays, two external 3.5-inch bays, even FireWire and forward-facing USB ports. Do you dig the 2001: A Space Odessey obelisk look? So do we, and we’d like to suggest this case is perfect for you. Just don’t go hitting your fellow gamers with a piece of bison femur, it will reflect badly on us.

Black Aluminus Full-Tower Case

Now, this kit isn’t entirely ready for battle. Nor do you have to use it for combat exercises, simulated or otherwise. That’s the idea of a barebone! You build it yourself, and customize it as you go so that your PC is all your own, from the solder to the power switch. If you’re interested in the price, components, or just want to gaze at this Barebone in jealous wonder, click the link below. You’ll not find this kind of deal (try pricing this stuff around the web, we dare you!) anywhere else. As you might well imagine, these are going to sell out. So get yours now!

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