motorola-razr-v3xx.jpgCell phone users can cross at least one place off the list of “dead spots” where they receive little or no cell phone signal: Mt. Everest. Yes, one of the tallest mountains in the world and arguably the favorite for expert extreme mountain climbers, Everest now has it’s own cell phone tower.

The Chinese government had to hire yaks and local porters to navigate the equipment for the cell phone tower up the side of the mountain. The station site sits at an impressive 21,325 feet above sea level, and has a scant 38% of the regular oxygen levels we’re used to enjoying.

The station has more purpose than just being the coolest cell phone tower in the world and for calling for help when you’ve run out of oxygen. It is designed so that next year, the bearer of the Olympic torch can carry to the summit (yes, that’s the top: circa 29,035 feet in the air) not only the enduring symbol of enduring sportsmanship the world over, but also a telephone. In case they need to call someone once they get to the top.

Wouldn’t you?