Apple Inc. is big on everyone’s wish list this year, so get ready to fork over the green. If you’ve purchased anything from an iMac to an iPod, you’re going to want to accessorize—and it’s going to cost you. I’ve decided to spend the week showcasing a few things that are designed specifically for use with Apple products, as well as some that will save you money over Apple’s version.

Whether you’re after more storage or more noise, it’s undeniable that Apple has made some serious moves this year. Have you scratched your iPhone yet? I promise that you will. Run out of storage space because you’ve gone a bit nuts on iTunes? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Amazed at how much an Apple brand monitor (pssst! They call them displays. Don’t make this mistake in the iStore, they’ll confiscate your earbuds.) costs? Me too. In fact, that’s what inspired me to write up this little series of mine. Enjoy!

As I mentioned above, Apple brand displays cost an arm and a leg. Now, that’s not to say they aren’t top of the line…they are. But non-iMonitors can really cook up a storm of graphics too, and TigerDirect has the lowest prices on LCD displays anywhere, Apple store included. The iPodites have three popular display models, the 20-inch, 23-inch, and 30-inch display. I’ll show you three monitors that will give you the same amount of screen, resolution, and quality for much less than what Mighty Macintosh is asking.

Samsung SyncMaster 216B MonitorThe Samsung SyncMaster 216BW is a 21.6-inch widescreen LCD that costs a little over half as much as a 20-inch Apple display. But that doesn’t mean it’s only half as good. In fact, it’s got the same number of pixels: 1680×1050 resolution. It also features great Samsung technologies like MagicBright 3, MagicColor and MagicTune, all of which allow you to tune, tone, and set up your monitor settings for the optimum viewing experience.

Samsung SyncMaster 216BW 21-inch LCD Monitor

It also has a quick 5ms response time and 1000:1 contrast ratio. And that’s not even considering the fact that it’s got 16:10 widescreen aspect ratios for HD content and multitasking. The Samsung SyncMaster 216BW 21.6-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor features a sleek black gloss bezel, so it won’t fit with your all-white Apple, but you don’t care about little stuff like that, do you? After all, you could always spray paint the computer. I’m just kidding. Sort of.

Want something a little bigger? If you need a monitor that can display all your HD content that you’ve amassed during your Internet wanderings, you’ll need a screen resolution of 1920×1200. The Apple 23-inch display has this, but it’s also got a price tag that works out to about 75 cents per vertical pixel. Check out the ViewSonic VX2835wm 28-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor. This monitor is awesome, for lack of a better word. First off, it’s 28-inches wide, and a widescreen. And we’re just getting started.

The VX2835 is capable of full HD content, as in 1080p signals. This kind of insane resolution is only possible on a monitor that has 1920×1200 resolution (which this one does). It has an incredibly fast 3ms response time and an 800:1 contrast ratio. The glossy black bezel conceals built in speakers, which is always nice. And along with the D-sub connection there’s AV inputs and HDMI, the all-digital connection you’ll need to run blue laser technology like Blu-ray and HD DVD players. The best part about the VX2835? It still costs hundreds less than your 23-inch iMonitor.

Okay, perhaps you’re done fooling around with the junior varsity. You want a monitor that boarders on obscene. Apple makes a 30-inch monitor that is nothing short of spectacular. It’s also only a bit short of 2 thousand dollars. Sound a bit rough for your finances? Mine too. Instead, consider a Samsung 305T Widescreen 30-inch LCD Monitor. It has the same ri-donkulous resolution of the Apple monitor: 2560×1600. But the price is much, much cheaper. Remember, I said 30-inch monitor. So keep that in mind when you check out the product page.

With a 1000:1 contrast ratio and fast 6 ms (G to G) response time, it’s the perfect monitor for high-end graphics applications. Whether you’re editing video, running a game simulation or creating 3-D artwork, the picture will be sharp, bright and accurate. Four easily accessible integrated USB ports make it easy to connect your digital peripherals. And it’s height-adjustable and wall-mountable, so you can work in comfort. I don’t think we’ve got a video review for this one, as the supply guys (rightly) assumed we’d never relinquish control over it once we had it in the studio. Visit our product page by clicking the “Related Links” below. If you’re ready for something like this (If you are, you already know), the Samsung 305T is the way to go.

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