The Toshiba 26HL47 REGZA LCD HDTV is one gorgeous TV! Priced below 700 dollars, the 26HL47 is inexpensive compared to other LCD televisions on the market. Yet this flat panel display uses LCD technology so it is much less susceptible to onscreen burn-in and consumes less energy (and produces less heat) than Plasma TVs. And that’s not all it’s good for!

This The Toshiba 26HL47 26-inch REGZA LCD HDTV is built for those who want to enjoy an ultra-sharp picture from an ultra-thin TV. The wide aspect display such as this one is ideal for DVD movies recorded in the popular widescreen 16:9 format, as well as high definition programming or blue laser devices such as Blue-ray and HD DVD (So long as you don’t export the signal in 1080p).

This television has a 720p native screen resolution, making it compatible with today’s digital high definition content up to 1080i. When hooked up to a high definition television signal, this set can display images that are sharper and more realistic than that of regular television. The 3:2 pull-down feature of this unit produces a sharper picture by reducing artifacts that occur when viewing movies recorded on digital formats such as DVDs.

If you don’t already have a high definition signal source (such as a HD cable or satellite box), be sure to shop for an HDTV receiver. If you want to watch high definition digital programming, this is the most essential step beyond buying an HD display.

While this TV’s screen size is only 26-inches, so it’s perfect for smaller areas such as bedrooms or kitchen counters. It also is an excellent replacement for your old CRT Television. It will fit in your existing Entertainment System furniture as well, making it the perfect, inexpensive upgrade!

Since the Toshiba 26HL47 REGZA LCD HDTV supports progressive-scan input signals, you will probably want to have an upconverting DVD player connected to it as well. This will produce a much more pleasing “flicker-free” picture (as well as a high definition image) compared to what is produced by conventional DVD players.

In short, this is an excellent high definition LCD for less than you’d expect. It’s the perfect replacement for your old CRT, and ideal for placement in around the house places where you’d not ordinarily figure a television would fit. If you’re interested in making the Toshiba 26HL47 REGZA LCD HDTV part of your HD arsenal, just click on the “Related Link” below!

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