Hewlett-Packard has introduced its HP Compaq 6510b and 6710b business laptops series; both based on the latest Intel “Santa Rosa” notebook platform with the new Core 2 Duo processors featuring clock speeds up to 2.4Ghz and 800MHz front side bus.

Exactly what is “Santa Rosa”, other than home of half of Silicon Valley? According to our resident techs: The code-name Santa Rosa refers to the fourth-generation Intel Centrino platform, which was released just this year! Its birthday was Wednesday 9 May 2007 (remember to give your new notebook a party!). The “Santa Rosa” platform is far from a laid back Northern Californian: It features one of several powerful Core 2 Duo processors. These are blazingly fast processors designed for mobile computing, with low energy use (low heat too!) specially for Intel’s Santa Rosa Refresh platform.

It also includes Intel’s Mobile 965 Express chipset with Intel’s GMA X3100 graphics technology and ICH8M “Southbridge” plus it’s 800 MT/s front side bus with Dynamic Front Side Bus Switching to save power during non-use. It also has Intel’s Dynamic Acceleration (IDA), much better for Windows Vista Aero support (this means you get cooler interfaces with much snappier response!). I am also told it includes NAND flash-memory caching branded as Intel Turbo Memory (code-named Robson), and the truly great Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN (a/b/g/draft-n) mini-PCIe Wi-Fi adapter (code-named Kedron).

The Santa Rosa platform comes with dynamic acceleration technology. It allows single threaded applications to execute faster. When a single threaded application is running the CPU can turn off one of the CPU cores and overclock the active core (for much better performance). In this way the CPU maintains the same Thermal Profile as it would when both cores are active. Many say Santa Rosa is outstanding as a mobile gaming platform due to its ability to switch between single threaded and multithreaded tasks. Other power savings come from an Enhanced Sleep state where both the CPU cores and the chipset will power down. Perhaps this was more than you wanted to know, but remember, these are reasons why you want Intel inside, plus you will be able to amaze your colleagues with your technology know-how!

HP Compaq 6510b has a beautiful 14.1-inch widescreen display with 1280×800 resolution (perfect for those intimate Power-Points), while the HP Compaq 6710b features the 15.4-inch 1280×800 or 1680×1050 widescreen TFT. Both the 6510b and 6710b have the same specifications, except their screen size and weight of 5.38lbs and 5.7lbs, respectively.

Both notebook series ship with SATA hard drives, providing up to 160GB of storage capacity, and enable a choice of combo drive, DVD-ROM, DVD burner or DVD burner with LightScribe technology.
Remember, with any computer RAM is always a critical component, and it is suggested to expand yours to the max!

The HP Compaq business notebookThese laptops for mobile professionals provide a variety of networking and broadband features such as wireless a/b/g/n connectivity, Bluetooth, an optional EV-DO module for Verizon Wireless Service, an optional HSDPA module (requires mobile network operator service), Gigabit Ethernet and a 56k modem. Absolutely everything you could need to stay connected to your office!

The Compaq 6510b and 6710b also incorporate TPM Embedded Security Chip 1.2 and a fingerprint reader. With as many Notebook computers that get left in restaurants and airports, you want the highest level of physical security you can get! Regarding its ports and slots, in each there are four USB ports, PC Card slot, Media Card reader, Firewire, a VGA and a S-Video output, a docking connector, and a secondary battery connector.

The notebooks come with Windows Vista, with all of Vista’s amazing improvements over XP (especially in media – so you really will have your own HI DEF DVD player on the road with you for those unbearable airport layovers!).

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