CozmoTV now offers TigerTVTigerTV has expanded it’s reach yet further with the latest syndication partner, Cozmo TV. Cozmo is a very Web 2.0 service which provides great TV services for online distribution with channel management, widget creation and more.

According to the company, “Cozmo Media was started with the goal of helping introduce people to better television content. In early 2006, we released a version of CozmoTV that helped people find great television shows based on keywords rather than time and channel. We even integrated the product with TiVo® DVRs to enable simple scheduling of that ideal show. But what has become clear to us in the months since this launch is that there is a better way of delivering a great television experience that has been made possible by the success of YouTube and other video sharing sites.”

Check out our widget if you’d like to embed TigerTV via CozmoTV on your myspace or facebook page, blog or pretty much anywhere.

If you’d like to have a copy of this code for your website, Myspace or Facebook page, click on the “GRAB” button on the bottom left of the player above and you will be provided the opportunity to get the code for whatever site you wish to post on. We appreciate you sharing our great videos with others!

Thanks to CozmoTV for a great service!