Lots of phones play MP3s nowadays. But not all of them look good and provide a host of other features while they do it. The Samsung F500 Ultra Video Media phone combines all the tools you want without having to make excuses about its appearance. In fact, the F500 sports an innovative design that you rarely see in stateside phones: A dual sided display.

This isn’t a flip phone or even a slider model, even though you can swivel the keypad to support the screen for easy viewing. The Samsung F500 Ultra Video Media Phone literally has one large 2.5-inch LCD screen on one side and an almost 1.5 inch screen on the other. The larger screen is for your MP3 and multimedia playback. That side of the phone features an easy to use touch pad control array along with the bright, full color QVGA TFT display. The other side is smaller, but houses such useful information as your business contacts, addresses, recent calls, etc. You get the idea.

I mentioned that the base swivels. This allows you to do a number of things, including get creative with the 2.0 megapixel onboard camera. But it also allows you to set the thing down on a table and watch whatever’s playing through your viewing screen. Turning the keypad also reveals a microSD flash memory slot, so you can carry all your music with you. You can even peruse the Internet via the WAP 2.0 web browser. If that screen isn’t large enough, there’s even a TV output so you can send your data to a larger display. The phone even plays DivX video files!

Samsung F500 Ultra Video Media PhoneThis multimedia phone is absolutely loaded with features: in fact there’s too many to list here. So enjoy our TigerTV video blog about the Samsung F500 Ultra Video Media Phone. You can get one for yourself (or just peruse our complete specifications!) by clicking on the related links below. If you’ve been after the perfect music, picture, and video capable phone but don’t want to carry around a brick in your pocket, consider the Samsung F500. You’ll be glad you did!

Samsung F500 Ultra Video Media Phone

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