Pinnacle PCTVTechnology Questions: Keep ‘em coming! Tiger’s keeping up on the InBox, here’s a recent question from Yves:

I have one friend who his a trucker, he want to listen to TV on his portable when he travels between Canada & United States, does this Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick- HI-DEF TV Tuner for PCs and Laptops

Will be the tool that will do the job? He is running XP SP2.

Yves S.

Actually both NTSC and ATSC (the analog and digital broadcast standards) apply to all of North America, which last time I checked anyway, included our Canadian friends to the North. With that in mind, utilizing a Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick will provide you access to both analog and digital television signals as you traverse far and wide across our continent. Make sure to check out the new Pinnacle PCTV Ultimate model, which includes onboard storage – right on the device – to keep up to 2GB of television shows, movies – anything for that matter – right on the stick. No need to pre-install software, it’s included on the device as well.

Good luck in your travels.