Miami at Christmas (Flickr Gone Mad with picnik tools)Flickr, an online leader in image storage along with Google’s Picassa, is striving for your business. Flickr’s latest feature release adds online real-time Photo Editing, color correcting and effect tools – all for free!

The image you see here was a photo of downtown Miami that I decided to add a few embellishments for the holiday season using the ‘picnik’ tools.

There are actually quite a few new features.

First, FLICKR users will be prompted to try the new tools.


Then users will be able to see the initial editing screen, providing tools to perform a variety of standard functions including cropping, resizing, rotating, auto-fix, exposure correction, color correction, sharpening and red-eye fixer.


Users choosing the “create” tab will see a wealth of fanciful artistic features.





Note how some features are noted with “PREMIUM” on the right side of the tab – these features can be accessed for a fee of $24.95 a year.

The creative tools include “stamping” other images about your photo – it’s pretty cool and how I redecorated downtown Miami for Christmas!


To check out these new tools, head over to FLICKR.

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