Hey E-Readers!

Looking for a cool way to take your music on the road? You’re not toting around a cell phone and an MP3 player, are you? Get with it! In fact, get a Samsung F200 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone. This sleek little beauty is designed to be as small as a portable audio player (one of the small ones, anyway) but as useful as a phone. In fact, you can use it as a phone! Because it is one. Intrigued?

The Samsung F200 cuts all the useless stuff off of its body. The result is a swivel design phone that has everything you need and want, and nothing that you’re never going to use. It is a tri-band GSM phone, meaning you can use it on a multitude of networks around the globe. As you might expect with a phone designed for mobile music, the F200 designers knew you’d run out of storage space. So they included MicroSD connectivity for mucho portable song tracks.

Opens Like a Jack Knife

I mentioned before that this phone is a swivel design. They’re getting more and more creative on how a phone opens/hides the keypad nowadays. This phone is no exception: it swivels open with the flick of a finger. Not slides, glides, or clamshells (New action verb! Tell the world!) but swivels, like a pocketknife or other handy doo-dad. All that aside, the LCD screen is pretty large. The lack of a full QWERTY keyboard isn’t missed. Hey, if texting is your thing, get a texting-oriented phone. This one’s strictly for the music lovers.

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Audiophiles: Your Phone is Ready.

When the phone’s closed, you can control your music with the intuitive minimalist keypad. When a call comes in, the music stops and you flick the phone open and chat away. When you hang up, you’re free to return to your music. The F200 even supports stereo Bluetooth headsets, which makes concert recordings very, very cool. There’s web browsing as well. All this in a phone that costs much less than anything you’d expect to pay. Intrigued? Check out our Samsung F200 Unlocked GSM Cell Phoneby clicking through the link below! You’ll be glad you did, believe me.

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