CDT LogoIf you have decided to take the leap of actually purchasing your music online like most people do these days, then you probably decided you should look around a little before comitting to 99¢ per song – am I right so far? Well, some of these online sites which provide you with access to millions of songs and a dirt-cheap price – may be illegal. Completely.

For some time the RIAA has been making noise about those who dare to download music for free. Thanks to the Fifth Amendment, I have no comment on that type of activity – but I will say this – it’s been years since I downloaded music online. The sad thing is, my music collection doesn’t seem out of date to me – I was actually downloading even older music – and I think I actually have all I need. Well, now there is a group, called the Center for Democracy and Technology, who have published a list of websites which do NOT have licensing agreements with the music companies – yet offer music for a fee.

If the RIAA was to ever get the logs of their subscribers – they could rightly punish each and every one of them – for unknowingly breaking the law. Have you been had for your money?

A highly controversial site in Russia,, has been under pressure since they offer tunes the record companies say aren’t licensed – they say it is within their rights. Who knows. If you are looking for an online music service, the ones below are reported to be not using licensed music – and that could get you caught up in some trouble.

The List

Check the list:

Some of the most widely known and reputable online music services include iTunes and Rhapsody.

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Source: PCWorld: Group Warns of Sites Offering Unlicensed Music