No matter what kind of phone you’re using to communicate, Entertainment and Productivity rarely go together. You invariably get a comprehensive set of one, and a slight nod to the other. That’s why Nokia designed the Nokia N81 Smartphoneto be the next episode of web and multimedia masterpieces. And in case you were wondering, it will still make phone calls, too.

First thing one needs to do when building a smartphone capable of wowing today’s jaded audiences is to pack it full of storage capacity. Don’t worry about what to put in all that digital space just yet. Just bask in the Solid State goodness of a full 8GB of storage. That, along with everything else the N81 has to offer, will make you forget all about the iPhone in no time.

Smart Phone, Smart Design

This is a smartphone in every sense of the word. The N81 is a quad band GSM phone that switches automatically between bands and modes so the connection is never lost! It uses the Symbian OS version 9.2 as its operating system (for those that worry about such things). You can browse the web and/or get up to all manner of Internet activities with the N81 via 3G Wireless or good old 802.11b or g networks. This phone has the capacity to connect to both, build right in.

The Nokia N81 is much smaller than the largest of the Smartphones out there. While no one will call it petite, there’s no denying the slick look and sexy feel of this Smartphone’s design. It hides the keypad beneath a slick black fascia—the same fascia that houses an Active Matrix 2.4-inch LCD Display. Directly below the screen is a set of dedicated media keys that lets you MC the action without opening the phone. Access your music and videos quickly with Play, Pause, Rewind, and Fast Forward commands right at your fingertips. There’s even dedicated volume and game keys, so you don’t get caught goofing around when you shouldn’t!

Digital Camera. Video Camera. Phone and Camera.

The Nokia N81 has a digital camera. So What? Lots of phones have cameras; some even have pretty good ones. The N81 has a 2.0-megapixel camera capable of capturing up to 3.5 hours of QVGA video while on battery power. And that isn’t even close to everything the N81 can do with captured images, both still and live-action. You can share pictures with the online photo album or the easy to use blogging function. You can edit what you capture with video and still photo editing software. Want hard copies? Use the Nokia Xpress Print Feature. It lets you connect to any printer equipped with Pictbridge or that can communicate via Bluetooth technology. All this without going near a computer.

Radio, Texts, Podcasts and More!

The Nokia Nseries digital music player supports MP3, AAC, and WAV file formats, amongst many others. And with 8GB of flash memory, you’ve got instant access to up to 6 thousand songs, right in the palm of your hand. You can also download, view, and listen to podcasts right on your phone. Not into web radio? Go with the real thing! The Nokia N81 receives FM radio in stereo. (Which is good, because it has built-in stereo speakers, too.) You can even browse through channels via station lists for your particular region. And if you get sick of the stuff coming over the airwaves, remember that Nokia has a brand new, comprehensive music store that lets you shop by artist, song title, genre searches and expert recommendations.

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The regular communications tools you usually find on a phone are here as well, but with exciting twists! The Nokia N81 takes text messaging to the next level. Send picture messages. Send Video Messages. You can even send Multimedia messages: combine video, still images, text and audio clips into a single message. The phone also dials based on the ultra-cool Speaker Independent Name Dialing feature. Voice activation doesn’t stop with dialing either. You can give your phone voice commands, record voice memos for yourself, and even set up talking ringbones for your favorite people…or your boss. You can even make calls where there’s no cell phone connection via VOiP.

I’ve told you enough. If you’re still hungry for more, watch TigerTV Host Nikki’s Video review or just click on the Related Link below. It’ll take you to where you can get your very own GSM Unlocked Nokia N81. I see a new cell phone or three every day here at the TigerTV labs, and I know I genuinely wanted this one. So check it out! You’ll be glad you did.

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