Online ClassesLove sitting at home and being online? Well, if you are a high-school student in Connecticut, that may be a great thing as you will be able to access courses not even available at your school – like Mandarin, biotechnology and international business – and seemingly for free!

Summer school is one of the most hated terms you can hear nationwide as June starts to roll around. Classes in hot classrooms while your friends are out playing and enjoying their teenage summer.

The pilot program, called CT Virtual Learning Center, will offer courses such as algebra, geometry, and English to students at risk of falling behind or failing, Gov. M. Jodi Rell said in a written statement. By enrolling in the courses, students will be able to avoid summer school and recover credits.

“We want to use online courses to increase access to high quality content so that every student in Connecticut will have access to the courses they need when they need them,” Rell said.

All courses will be taught by state-certified teachers.

Source: CNN