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Follow Up: NASA Spacecraft Streams Back Surprises From Mercury

mercury-from-the-side.jpgThe recent flyby of Mercury by NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft has given scientists an entirely new look at a planet once thought to have characteristics similar to those of Earth’s moon. Researchers are amazed by the wealth of images and data that show a unique world with a diversity of geological processes and a very different magnetosphere from the one discovered and sampled more than 30 years ago.

Gimme a Big Drive! 120GB PS3 In The Works

200801028_1.jpgSony’s certainly busy these days. There’s a rumor that the Japanese multimedia giant could be working on a new PS3 model with a larger hard drive capacity. And that’s just for starters. The rumor mill suggests that Sony intends to maintain its two-unit strategy for the PS3 and will sell the console with additional storage that could reach either 120GB or 160GB depending on final details. This future system is also said to come bundled with the previously Japanese Domestic Market-only Dual Shock 3 controller that adds rumble back to Sony’s controllers while keeping the motion sensitivity of the SIXAXIS already offered with international PS3s.

NASA’s “Messenger” Sends Close-Up Photos from Mercury

mercury.jpgBack in the early seventies, NASA sent Mariner 10 to Mercury. It was the last in a series of Mariner missions designed to survey other planets in the solar system. Launched in November 1973, this mission provided new information about Mercury and Venus in the Mariner program’s first dual-planet mission. Beginning in March 1974, Mariner 10′s three flybys past Mercury mapped about half of the planet’s surface, during which time a thin atmosphere and a magnetic field were discovered. More than thirty years later, we went back to Mercury this week, for some better pictures…and it was worth the trip.

Bluetooth Powered Prosthetics: Double Amputees Walk Again

humvee_army_crop.jpgYou’ve probably used it, or at least have heard about it: Bluetooth, the short-range wireless technology that allows various devices to communicate with each other wirelessly. A few of its usual applications include wireless printers, speakers, and of course the most common; headsets that connect to cellular phones for hands-free phone operation. Now here’s something you probably haven’t heard about: Bluetooth powered legs. Thanks to his two prosthetic legs outfitted with Bluetooth technology, Marine Lance Cpl. Joshua Bleill can walk again.

Widespread Widescreen LCD

samsung-245bw-monitor.jpgBright image, great detail, lots of controls, attractive, height adjustment. That’s the Samsung 245BW 24″ 1000:1 Widescreen LCD Monitor. Imagine having more room to spread out. The Samsung 245BW combines a 24″ screen with a 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio to give you a bigger window on your world. Whether you use that power to work more efficiently or to watch a bigger blockbuster, you get sharp text and crisp motion through a fast 5 ms (GTG) response time, 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and exclusive technologies like MagicColorâ„¢ and MagicBright3â„¢. And it’s all topped off by a height-adjustable stand and optional integrated speakers.

Rugged Reliable Ready-To-Go Canon PowerShot S5 IS

s5is_2.jpgCanon PowerShot S5 IS Digital Camera – The ultra-powerful 12x optical zoom on the PowerShot S5 IS means you’ll get the shot you want with no compromise, yet that’s only the beginning of what makes this camera so exciting. The S5 IS is loaded with many of Canon’s latest advanced technologies including the DIGIC III Image Processor, so both still images and movies are rendered with fine detail and luminous clarity. And now ambitious photographers have even greater creative latitude thanks to an included hot shoe adapter that allows you to attach Canon Speedlite EX Series external flashes.

Systemax Ascent 4000 Desktop PC

systemax-ascent-lcd-syxs-dc-989908.jpgLooking for an affordable PC that’s straight from good old Americana? The Systemax Ascent 4000 Desktop PC is an affordable dual core desktop bundle from Systemax comes with a 17″ Widescreen LCD and Vista Home Premium Operating system. That’s not all! It’s running an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ GHz socket AM2 processor on an MSI K9N6SGM-V motherboard, with NVIDIA GeForce 6100 graphics. You also get a 160GB SATA II 7200RPM hard drive and 2GB of DDR2 667MHz PC5400 RAM Memory. That’s enough to run some tough applications. Want to tube surf down the interwebs? The Ascent 4000 has a 10/100 ethernet adapter for quick network connections.

Versatile Productivity LCD Monitor

acer-al2216wbd-a179-2204.jpgEnhance your vision with the Acer AL2216WBD. Incorporating the latest LCD technology, the Acer AL2216WBD offers the best visibility, performance and unprecedented value. The high level of brightness 300cd/m2 together with 700:1 contrast ratio creates crisp images and enhances legibility. With its fast response time of 5ms, the Acer AL2216WBD brings remarkable display quality to your desktop.

Take The Internet To New Places With Nokia N800

Nokia N800The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet exemplifies the epitome of technology, style and portability. The N800 easily connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or compatible cellular phone. Enjoy the Internet on a portable size tablet with a high-resolution widescreen display in the palm of your hand. Effortlessly make Internet Phone calls, check & send e-mail, instant message and so much more with the Nokia N800. You can also access Internet media at home or on-the-go with the Nokia N800′s high quality stereo audio.

Coolest Mouse For Notebooks! Nano New!

logitech-vxnano-l23-6313-mb.jpgSimplify life on the road with the ultra-portable Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks. It’s always ready for use, thanks to the world’s smallest USB receiver. Plug it into your notebook’s USB port just once, then forget about it. No more broken or lost receivers. No more hassles.

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