MP3 player full of porn land under little girl’s treeParents were quite surprised when their daughter opened her new MP3 player – only to find it contained content inappropriate for children, even shocking for some adults.

The device was loaded with porn. Prompting the young girl to ask, “Why would Santa do this to me?”, her parents immediately knew something was terribly wrong.

The parents say the package was a unit returned by another purchaser. While Wal-Mart maintains that all returns are sent to the manufacturer, the victim’s father makes it clear that didn’t happen here. “It ended up under my tree on Christmas morning, didn’t it?”

Some retailers, including Radio Shack, often will resell new items as long as they appear new and have all items included. These in-store returns of good product may have already been ‘tested’ or even loaded with content just to shock the next potential user of the device.

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