Idea Pad by Lenovo (Credit: is rolling out a more people-friendly version of its immensely popular Thinkpad series laptops. Called the IdeaPad, this new notebook is engineered for everyday users, making it ideal for home, home office, or just plain personal use.

Many Sizes Prove the Perfect Fit For Any User

The IdeaPads will be offered in a variety of sizes. There is a 15-inch and 17-inch model (both widescreen) that is slated to be immediately available, with an ultra portable 11-inch version following closely on its larger cousin’s heels.

Lenovo IdeaPad screen HingeThe Lenovo widescreen LCDs are sure to provide excellent graphics (if Lenovo’s previous models are any guide) and are designed to sit just a bit farther away from the user’s eyes for more comfortable use via a special hinge, unique to the IdeaPad lineup. An innovative frameless screen creates a distinctly modern appearance. Why? Because the super-thin bezel makes the display appear to stretch to the very edge of the notebook cover.

Tools of the Trade (or Tools for Plain Old Goofing Off)

There’s more to these notebooks than just different sizes. While we’ll all have to wait to see everything these computers are capable of, here’s a list of some of the goodies included.

Veriface Face Recognition Technology—Many PCs now have built-in web cams. Lenovo Veriface Technology Why not use them for security? The IdeaPad will check your mug with the one you set it to respond to. So don’t go getting drastic plastic surgery without consulting your computer first.

Dolby Home Theater SoundDolby Home Theater Sound—Great sound from a Laptop? Never. But alas, all things must change: the IdeaPads from Lenovo have a set of four sound drivers as well as a built in subwoofer. They are all precisely positioned for optimal listening.

Useful auxiliary controls—Lenovo didn’t stop at just the keyboard. The IdeaPad has Gamezone keys (complete with secondary display) to keep you in control of your favorite arena, a One-stop Multimedia control center, and touch sensitive controls. This means no more mashing on the buttons to get what you want, chief.Multimedia Controls

Best of all, the IdeaPad comes from Lenovo, so you can expect top quality. If you enjoy the power and versatility of the ThinkPad lineup, consider checking the IdeaPads out. Lenovo intends to drop the first of the IdeaPad line on January 6, watch TigerDirect to get your own. They’re well worth it!

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