SSD DriveStorage – nobody can get enough – but these days it’s the transition from standard hard drives to SSD. SSD will provide for the future of mobile devices, with it’s shock resistance features, the biggest challenge now is getting SSD up to the capacity people expect to get with a notebook.

The days of getting a notebook with a 4GB hard drive are over – today people are enjoying their complete media libraries on their laptops. I have one laptop primarily used with the television with two hard drives in it – and they are needed with media. Some SSD based notebooks have started to appear, but their lack of overall storage capacity may keep them from selling too quickly. SSD Drives are already available on the market (including from Tiger).

Intel developed a ‘StrataFlash’ Memory technology that introduced MLC. This multi-layer cell technology allows standardized memory to store two bits on a single transistor – effectively doubling it’s capacity. With this technology in hand, BitMicro are offering up to a 832GB SSD drive. Yep, you heard it hear – up to 832 gigs.

Now don’t think you can run out and snatch one of these super-high-capacity SSD drives just yet – according to the company they will not be available until the third quarter of 2008, that is eight months away, so there’s a little waiting involved.

Until then, if you haven’t yet taken the leap from IDE to SATA, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t – get it done! Your perfomance difference will show immediately.

You can expect the TigerTV team to bring back lots more information about SSD technology and devices from the 2008 CES. Ensure to check out the TigerTV CES 2008 Coverage today!

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