Beer PongBeer Pong – you heard me correctly – is being played in Vegas during the week prior to CES and never expect the Internet to let you down – there are pictures, images, and even video to help better explain the event. The best part about winning the Beer Pong World Series – you win $50,000!

Are the people in Vegas bored?

Beer pong itself is simple. Two teams stand at opposite ends of an 8-foot long table, where ten 16-ounce cups, filled with roughly 2 ounces of beer or another liquid, are placed in a bowling-pin formation. Each team takes turns tossing ping-pong balls at their opponent’s cup formation. If a ball goes into a cup, the cup is removed from the game. The first team to eliminate all of its opponent’s cups wins.

Bored enough to play Beer Pong?

Source: Open Press Wire
Video Source: Breitbart.TV: Play Beer Pong, Win $50,000