TigerTV at CES 2008Are you ready for CES? We are! In fact, the whole TigerTV crew is out in Beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada right now. The show kicked off with lights, glamour, even robots. Yes, it wouldn’t be up and coming technology without robots. Or shoes that walk for you. The TigerTV crew is out at the Sands Convention center getting the first coverage from CES 2008 for you, and don’t forget tonight is the TigerDirect 11th Annual Charity PC Race at 7PM PST. Watch the live pre-race coverage right here on Tiger News starting at 8:30 EST. Be sure to tune in!

You heard me. Check out our coverage of the First Day. From Sling to I-related Bling, CES promises to be an amazing event this year. And don’t forget, tonight is the 11th Annual TigerDirect Charity PC Race. It starts at 7PM PST. Come watch tech heads from all over the industry compete to see who can build a PC in the shortest amount of time.

Plus, you can catch the race online at Graveline.com and ComputerAmerica.com starting at 7PM PST!