Planon Printstik Portable PrinterPortable Printers: The words bring to mind the laughable image of someone struggling to fit an inkjet into an overhead storage bin on an airplane. But Planon has been innovating portability into the stuff we never think of as get-up-and-go material for a while, and this year at CES 2008 our TigerTV host Logan got a look at the next thing in ultra-portable Printers: The PrintStik.

Getting More out of Less Equipment

The Printstik is a thin, completely self-contained printing device. It uses thermal technology (remember thermal? Think years ago, and waaaaaaaaaaay bigger.) to burn an image onto especially prepared thermal paper, so you can print on the go. The paper is contained within a cartridge that you slide easily into the PrintStik. But that’s the only cartridge you’ll have to fool with; the reason for the Thermal printing technology is so that ink or toner cartridges aren’t needed. Toner is expensive, and inks can get messy. Especially when you’re on an airplane, where changing air pressures can cause leaks.

The Printstik is fully Bluetooth connectible. This is key for a couple of reasons. There are more and more Bluetooth Printers out there, so if your laptop can communicate using Bluetooth than you’re golden. Most importantly, the PrintStik is compatible with PDAs and Bluetooth Ready Smartphones. Because of the small size and limited screen space of most Smartphones, reading email or deciphering directions or schematics can be difficult. Now just print it out and take a look at the full sized sheet of paper.

The Planon Printstik Live at CES 2008

The Printstik isn’t meant to print out an entire novel on your way to meet your publisher. But it does pump out 3 pages per minute, more than enough to get you all your email, directions to the in-laws house, or other important documents wherever you are, whenever you need them.

The Printstik by Planon is only one of the fascinating new products our TigerTV news team is discovering at CES 2008. Stay tuned as we find lots of new stuff…and bring it straight to you!