I encountered what I’d thought was an unsung hero today (until I read all the glowing reviews) — the Ultra Aluminus ATX Mid-Tower case with clear side, front USB, FireWire and Audio Ports.

I just happened to see one pass by on its way to the photo studio. I’d heard a certain buzz about this case, but it hadn’t built to anything that shouted at me. Wow, what a spiffy looking case (yeah, I’m dating myself (but who else would have me?). Seconds later I see a review freshly posted on our site:

This case is great. There is lots of room for customization and it stays cool enough to OC on air (3.6GHz Q6600). The case is also deep, which is good if you decide to put a tall aftermarket fan in, or want extra room to route cables in a watercooled system. The only thing I didn’t like, was that there is a door that is supposed to close over your media drives. With the X-Fi Platinum, my front panel has volume control knobs which prevent it from closing.

With any product, you’re going to hear some negatives — you can’t please everyone. But the Aluminus comes close. Nevertheless, in the midst of a 4-star review Customer N writes on January 11, 2008:

One thing that can be improved is that the 5.25 drives do not appear to be flush if you install them above or below an unused bay.” N wrapped up his mostly glowing review.

Fair enough.

Go ahead and check it out. The price is ridiculously low. If you’re a performance junkie as well as a gung-ho gaming design freak, you’re going to love the Aluminus, Trust me.

By the way, we have a questions and answers section for each product on our Tiger site. Check out the Qs and As on this beauty – they’re quite helpful.

We do have one question (about this case) that’s been left on the table without an answer. Can you help us with this?

Hi, I have the XFX nForce 680I LT W/core 2 quad processor (bought recently from TIGERDIRECT) and i will like to know if this case can handle the heat generated from the motherboard and CPU. also, i’m thinking on buying a SLI video card and a PSU also SLI certified.

I will appreciate if you can assist me here. if you suggest another case i’m open for any opinion or suggestions.thank you !

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