ces-graphic.jpgWhat’s new in the world of Toshiba? (Aside from the fiasco that is HD DVD, of course). Toshiba is a world-renowned leader in electronics, computers, and technology development. This year is no different: Toshiba continues to impress, especially this year at CES 2008 in Las Vegas. Sr. Editor Lonny Paul takes you through Toshiba’s booth at the annual technology event.

Toshiba Booth Heavy on New Display and Portable Computing Technology

Check out the fully HD capable 1080p native LCD televisions. Pay particular attention to how slim the bezel is. This makes for an incredible picture. Also impressive are the sleek lineup of so-called Ultra Mobile PCs that Toshiba plans to release later this year. Wrapping up the tour is proof that the digital projector isn’t dead: Toshiba showcases a couple High Definition projectors that would do any boardroom or home theater installation proud. Enjoy!

CES 2008: Toshiba New Technology Showcase

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