Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 ProcessorReady to dive into the Quad-Core arena?
If yes, the choice is simple – Intel’s Core 2 Extreme QX9650!

Described by Time Magazine as one of “The Best Inventions Of The Year”, Intel has jumped over the 45nm hurdle and came up with amazing results. As Intel’s first 45nm desktop processor, the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Processor is clocked at 3.0GHz with 1333MHz front side bus and 6MB of L2 Cache (per core die), making 12MB in total.

It can be used on P35, X38 and X48 chipset motherboards, the hottest motherboards on the market. Features include better performance, lower power consumption, new high-k metal gate transistors, additional cache and SSE4 instructions set support. In addition, the QX9650 is lead-free. If this processor were running for President, it would get my vote!

The Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Processor is a multitasking monster. 45nm-manufacturing technology is the key that enables even more processor performance by doubling the transistor density, improving efficiency and speed, and increasing cache size by up to 50 percent. Intel Core 2 ExtremeThis allows you to fire up the most computer-intensive applications, or dive into multimedia with more performance than ever (e.g. 3D modeling, video/audio editing and rendering, as well as the latest in realistic and immersive games).

SSE4 multimedia instructions increase the handling of video by approximately 40 percent or more. This will make any powerhouse video card work all that much better. Salivating yet? Well, for the overclocking aficionados, the processor bus ratio locks (overspeed protection) have been removed, so taking this puppy over the 4GHz threshold is a breeze (but you didn’t hear that from me). This blistering fast CPU is something worthy of its own Keynote presentation. ran some tests and came up with some juicy PC gaming benchmarks. Several games were used to analyze the CPU’s game performance.

View the results for yourself:


As if the info above wasn’t enough, the reviews are in and they look very promising:

Less Noise, More Efficiency, More Speed and More Overclocking Potential” – Bert Töpelt;, 10/29/07

“…it performed better, consumed less energy and was able to overclock by 33% to over 4GHz! It doesn’t get much better than that!” – Nathan Kirsch;, 10/28/07

There is simply no denying that Intel’s Yorkfield processors are going to be the source of a lot of excitement in the enthusiast community. If we had stars, I’d give them; if we had scores, they’d be high” – Ryan Shrout;, 10/29/07

Not Impressed? Forget everything you’ve read above. Here’s the best reason to buy this CPU: you won’t find it any cheaper than right here! Go ahead and reward yourself. You deserve it!

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