ces-graphic.jpgOur dauntless Tech Review Guru Logan found a gem at this year’s CES 2008: An open case for the HP Blackbird Gaming PC. This is not your older brother’s thrown-together gaming case (remember leaving the sides off for better air flow?). This case was designed from the ground up to be unique; to turn heads in the gaming industry where it’s no longer enough to pack heavy hitting hardware into a rectangular box.

HP Blackbird 002 Gaming Case from HP Booth at CES 2008

The HP Blackbird is available in lots of different configurations, and none of them are what you’d call cheap. But that’s understandable, considering the modified Asus Striker Extreme 680i motherboard, countless different performance-oriented Intel Core 2 Series Processor options, support for everything from SLI and Crossfire multiple graphics card configurations to Blu-Ray and HD DVD Combo Drives. There’s even a nifty pop-up panel that features all your different flash and multimedia peripheral ports—everything from FireWire to Flash Cards. Check it out!

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