ces-graphic.jpgEveryone loves Sony Technology. Anyone born in or around the eighties had a Walkman (Which, by the way, is now a phone). But what has Sony done for us lately? Well, lots. Think Blu-ray. Now stop thinking blue and start thinking OLED. That’s Organic Light Emitting Diode. What does that mean? It’s a new form of display that promises to knock the pants of current LCD and Plasma units.

Sony OLED displays at CES 2008

Now, it’s still too expensive for my blood. But OLED displays expend a fraction of the energy that current flat panel technologies use. They’re also viewable from almost any angle, unlike your typical LCD screen where you’ve basically got to get right in front of it. Our Video Review Host Nikki corners one of the Sony representatives, and he fills her in on the upcoming glory that is OLED display technology. Check it out!

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