l49-4218.jpgSo I’m web surfin’ the other day, and I couldn’t help but notice this gem from LG, the 42LC7D HD LCD TV. It ‘s priced fairly, and packed with tons of features. My favorite? Glad you asked. I’m really diggin’ LG’S Exclusive XD engine. This awesome technology enhances your analog signal, improving brightness, contrast, detail and color as well as reducing signal noise. The result? A Movie Theater like High-resolution viewing experience right in your living room!

LG Features for Premium LCD Viewing Experience

It also has a cool feature called LG SIMPLINK. This creates a virtual link between all LG SIMPLINK compatible products (DVD Players, Home Theater Systems). How cool would it be if you could simply insert a disc into you DVD player and have your TV automatically turn on and start playing it? Or how about having your entire home theater system turn off by simply turning off your TV? LG SIMPLINK makes this and much more possible.

l49-4218-c1.JPGHave you ever seen those TVs that have great looking images when viewing them straight on, but suffer dramatically when viewed at even the slightest angle? Not here. SUPER IPS TECHNOLOGY provides a fat 178º viewing angle. Weather you’re watching your favorite movie, sporting event, or the evening news, every seat in the house is a great one.

Any TV worth it’s salt offers a wide array of connectivity. The 42LC7D pleases here too. This TV features both PC audio and video ports, making it the perfect companion to your media center PC. It also has HD Component Video, S-Video, and HDMI ports making connection possibilities endless. If you’re in the market for a new Television, the LG the 42LC7D is certainly worth a look.

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