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Archive for January 21st, 2008 ↓

Fingerprint Payment Technology Provides Parental Overview

Biometric Finger ScannerJust when you thought things were convenient – and being made increasingly easier through things like biometric identifiers. Fingerprint technology is fairly common – and now a Catholic High School in Utah has implemented a system which allows students to conveniently pay for their lunch purchases using only their finger. The system automatically debits the students account and more importantly, allows parents to see an itemized listing of what their purchases are for.

Of 1,000 students surveyed, only 22 had issues with using their fingerprint and kept the chow line moving.

HD Capable Graphics Cards: Good Things come to those who wait

ati-radeon-logo.jpgLast summer, ATI began to ship their mid-range Radeon HD 2400 & 2600 cards. The trend towards full 1080p theater systems caught steam and Early Adopters (bless their hearts) scooped up this affordable full 1080p solution by the truckload. Prices ranged from less than $99 for Radeon HD 2400 Pro, to as much as $199 for a Radeon HD 2600 XT. Now (2008), the opportunity is here to take advantage of the price drops and build a lower cost system with an HDMI output, a nice (some say vital) option for your home theater/media center.

NeoNode N2 One Handed Touch Screen Mobile Phone…Sans Carrier

ces-graphic.jpgOkay, Touch screens aren’t new, not even on phones. But wait: There’s something different about the NeoNode N2. This fully touch-screen wireless phone is designed to work with sweeping gestures from your thumb and finger. This one-handed touch screen phone replaces the hunt-and-peck touch screen technique with a more ergonomic Infrared grid. The grid detects “signature” motions of the thumb and finger, and translates these motions into commands.