ces-graphic.jpgOkay, Touch screens aren’t new, not even on phones. But wait: There’s something different about the NeoNode N2. This fully touch-screen wireless phone is designed to work with sweeping gestures from your thumb and finger. This one-handed touch screen phone replaces the hunt-and-peck touch screen technique with a more ergonomic Infrared grid. The grid detects “signature” motions of the thumb and finger, and translates these motions into commands.

Touchscreen Smartphone: The Grid is a good Thing

This is good because it (theoretically) does away with your typical stylus, the way-too-small plastic stick you use to navigate your mobile device. NeoNode hopes to change this, and there’s even more good news: The N2 is scheduled for release this year, and will be offered direct to market. That means you won’t have to put up with any carrier’s nonsense. No contracts, no worries! Unless, that is, you’re missing a thumb. Sr. Editor Lonny Paul will introduce you to the Neonode N2 straight from the halls of CES 2008 is Las Vegas! Check it out.

NeoNode N2 at CES 2008

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