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Archive for January 23rd, 2008 ↓

Ready for A Million Dollar Home Theater?

Goldmund Home TheaterThought of upgrading your home theater lately? Perhaps you thought it would be wise to get one of those awesome new Yamaha Home Theater Systems, new JBL speakers or even a new projector to bring it all to life.

No matter what you do, unless you are ready to drop about a million bucks, you may never get to experience the full effect of a custom built home theater installation produced by the Swiss company Goldmund. Yes, it is for the rich and famous – but delivers sound better than any other space.

Multi-Core Memory Through Parallel Access to Memory Chip Bit Cells

ocz-platinum-series.jpgMuti-core CPU? Check. Multi-core RAM? Check. Wait, what? Imagine this being part of your checklist as you customize your PC to your liking. Typically when you hear the term multi-core you immediately think CPU right? Well, think again.

3-Way SLI: Extreme Gaming Just Got a Whole Lot Better

SLI LogoDo you have a nice dual-SLI setup for gameplay, but still find that the latest popular games have you dialing back the image quality settings? It makes you want to pull all your hair out, but don’t fret. NVIDIA’s latest and greatest Technology – 3-Way SLI - is here to help crank those setting to the max. You heard right! You may now install THREE GeForce cards on a single machine. So get some of that Christmas money to work and prepare to reward yourself with one the fastest gaming platforms, today.

Daily ‘Toon

Daily Toon #001 Check out today’s Daily ‘Toon, by Dan Brown.

Bally Astrocade: A blast from the Past of Consumer Electronics

ba-2.JPGWhat was the First Home Computer? What was the First Game Console? Well, there’s some debate on the subject. For those that know however, a leading contender for the title is the Bally Astrocade, also known as the Professional Arcade. It was first shipped to the public in 1978!

But why are we interested? Because as TigerDirect enters its 20th year in the computer industry, we reflect on the changes we’ve seen, as well as participated in creating. It’s important that we understand the history computers and consumer electronics share so that we have a sense of where we’re going from here. So take a trip down Nostalgia Lane with us. We’ll visit some products that changed the world, and some that were just too strange, even for the era they were born in.