Goldmund Home TheaterThought of upgrading your home theater lately? Perhaps you thought it would be wise to get one of those awesome new Yamaha Home Theater Systems, new JBL speakers or even a new projector to bring it all to life.

No matter what you do, unless you are ready to drop about a million bucks, you may never get to experience the full effect of a custom built home theater installation produced by the Swiss company Goldmund. Yes, it is for the rich and famous – but delivers sound better than any other space.

Million-Dollar Home Theater Delivers 13,000 Watts

According to the Switched report, this system delivers 130dB of sound – and 13,000 watts of power behind it. The speakers are grounded directly to the earth – each frequency is amplified uniquely – and computers make it all seem like childs play (even though it seems like the components are not really that well organized behind the scenes. 52 drivers play 32 channels of audio. Wow.

Topping it all off, two tons of concrete. Not something you or I may get, but we can hope someday!

Until then, I can only recommend you stick with the tried and true, check out the selection of Home Theater products and see how you can upgrade (for much less) today.

Source: Switched: Million Dollar Home Theater