Life on MarsEveryone has seen the photo – it is described as what could be a humanoid figure on the surface of mars – and better yet, it was released by NASA. The hype surrounding this image has caused quite a stir, thanks of course to the Internet.

In 1976, another photograph sent back from Mars showed what many described as a ‘human face’ and later was explained away with shadows and optical illusions. But is there more?

Mini-Frenzy Swirls Over Mystery ‘Humanoid’ Figure in Mars Rover Photo

Whether or not you are a believer, my personal take on the images are they both could be remnants of a prior civilization – one maybe tens of thousands of years old. Based on recent documentaries, in no more than 150 years there will be a completely different landscape should we all perish. The buildings will be few as iron returns to the earth and plant life rules the landscape.

Face On MarsThe most recently released photo to me could be described as a statue. The prior, pyramids or a structure of some kind, perhaps constructed like the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids.

Source: Breitbart.TV

What’s your take?

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