“Camera phone. Is it spelled cameraphone or camera phone?” a colleague asked me a few minutes ago. “It’s camera phone”,I said. However, two-word meanings for a single concept tend to merge into a single word over time as it becomes nearly universal in its application. So, it’s just a matter of time before camera phone morphs into cameraphone. After all, who has a phone that doesn’t have a camera?

The question I always ask is: Why? I’ve had a half-dozen cellphones (aha, another good example of a term that’s made the transformation from one word to two), but have taken more than two or three photos – total. They look terrible. Perhaps it’s just my narrow minded view that a phone is a phone is a phone. And if that’s the truth, how in the world will Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and the rest of the phone manufacturers differentiate their products enough to be viable in the marketplace? Hence, the advent of the cellular phone that does everything, with person to person communications seemingly an afterthought.

Call me an old fuddy duddy, but I’m going to stick to my guns — for me, a phone is a phone is a phone. Period.

However, the burgeoning cadre of voyeurs who circle the globe looking to capture precious moments find the camera phone an essential toy. And if I were one of those voyeurs, I’d insist on the best camera phone in the business.

I’m told it’s the Samsung SGH-G800. Let’s check out what we say about it:

“Samsung’s new SGH-G800 is a manifestation of its ceaseless quest for perfection in performance and style. Sleek and beautiful, this powerful mobile caters to the entertainment seeker. Its crowning achievement is its ultra imaging functionality; the embedded 5 Megapixel camera with 3X Optical inner zoom captures the art of your eye in a still photograph or video film. An embedded music player and mobile blogging features further expand the mobile experience.”

samsung-g800-front-phone-part.jpgHoly smokes! Lots of fancy words there. I hope I didn’t write that. Nevertheless, our puffed up prose tells me that the Samsung SGH-G800 is powerful, has lots of entertainment features, and sports an on-board 5 MP (as in megapixels) camera with a 3X optical zoom. We say it “captures the art of your eye in a still photograph or video film.” I figure that means that the SGH-G800 takes in and keeps exactly what your eye sees. Now, that’s a tall order for a cell phone. I wanna see for myself. Unfortunately, our sample’s gone – it’s already in the stores, but we have this great video that our own Nikki’s done — and nobody … how do I put this politely — nobody is better at using a cool new cellphone than Nikki:

See for yourself:

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