nokr_public_advisory_sm.jpgThe U.S. Federal Government, working in a private-public partnership has developed a new national/international registry for Next Of Kin notification, that is already supported by most states, and countless local agencies. Finally, there is one place where authorities can go to notify loved ones and family when something happens.

The injury or passing of a loved one is a difficult time for families and friends. This sad time is compounded when you’re not informed when a loved one is injured or passes on, and this happens all to often. This happens when Local and State Agencies are unable to locate a family member or Next Of Kin. This would happen for numerous reasons: a lack of information about family or contacts; or a lack of resources available to search for family members, emergency contacts or “Next Of Kin”.

The Next Of Kin Registry (NOKR) was established as a FREE tool for daily emergencies and national disasters, such as what happen with Hurricane Katrina. NOKR is an emergency contact system to help if you or a family member is missing, injured or deceased. Not the most pleasant thing to think about, but an incredibly vital service when there is a need!

NOKR provides the public a free proactive service to store emergency contacts, next of kin and vital medical information that would be critical to emergency response agencies. Stored information is only accessible via a secure area that is only accessible by emergency public trust agencies that have registered with NOKR, such as local, state, and federal authorities, and hospitals.

The emergency contact registration process is simple and secure. Just complete the information form on their website. There are some required fields and there are optional items that would be helpful to officials. Especially if your family member has a common last and first name, such as Mary Smith. Once you’ve completed this their form, you may add as many emergency contacts as needed. If you have any additional questions you can visit their Frequently Asked Questions page.

With the Next Of Kin Registry safe guarding your personal emergency contacts worldwide, you can feel confident that your information is secure. NOKR says they do not own the information they store, this information belongs to the registrants and is only held in trust on their behalf, and is only made available securely to registered emergency agencies during times of urgent need. NOKR is the protector of this vital bridging resource to reconnect individuals and families after urgent events.

NOKR is a non-partisan; non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to bridging rapid emergency contact information. NOKR was established in January 2004, for daily emergency situations.

Why should you register yourself or your family with NOKR? NOKR is the ONLY organization globally, that provides a free emergency contact resource of this kind, to both citizens and to emergency agencies. We hope there is never a need but we do know that events in life and disasters will happen. It’s entirely your choice to decide how you will prepare yourself and your family.

NOKR says that many people think that if they are carrying a driver’s license, identification card or credit cards, authorities will know who their emergency contact is. These forms of identity only indicate who you are not who should be contacted in the event of urgent need. To add to this problem, often times your current identification is not updated or readily available and it becomes very difficult and complex to locate emergency contacts. Who will speak for you or your family member when they can’t?

NOKR looks like the solution to this problem. A few of the reasons to use it are: Missing or injured child, adult or senior; Lost child; Those suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s; Accidents while traveling Nationally or Internationally; Unconscious person unable to communicate; Natural Disasters (Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornados, Floods, Tsunamis, Fires); Terrorist Acts Nationally or Internationally; Deceased person used to locate a next of kin or point of contact.

A man or woman cannot leave a better legacy to the world than a well-educated and prepared family.” – Harry S. Truman

The New Next of Kin Registry:

By Dr. Tim McGuinness