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Archive for January 29th, 2008 ↓

A New Star Trek! NASA To Go Massively Multiplayer

200801011_1.jpgNASA is going to offer space travel to everyone! “If the army’s doing it, so can we.” That seems to be the credo that NASA’s adopting these days with the announcement that they’re looking to venture into the massively-multiplayer online gamespace.

FBI/U.K. Biometrics Database: Server in the Sky With Diamonds


The FBI joins hands with a vast biometrics database, all the way across the sea to the United Kingdom! The Bureau plans to cast a wider net on the growing sea of crime and close the Atlantic-sized gap in investigation. It’s the “server in the sky” (as it is being called) that would link the U.S. with the U.K. Both countries’ law enforcement arms would link up through this for improved crime detection and terrorism prevention.

Hewlett Packard Noir: HP Blackbird 002 Dedication Edition

200801010_2.jpgIntel’s newest gaming technology ignites every gamer’s fantasy as it fuels your entertainment inside the new HP Blackbird 002 Dedication Edition. Equipped with fully customizable features and a Quad-Core Intel® Core™2 Extreme processor QX6850 it’s designed to ignite your game and fuel your entertainment. This box brings Half Life to Total Life!

Spam King Nabbed In Stock Fraud Bust

200801006_1_27141.jpgHis bulk e-mails have been clogging inboxes all over the world. His name has been high on Spamhaus’ ten most wanted list.
Federal prosecutors say, his indictment by a federal grand jury has been touted as a major development in the legal battle against unwanted emails.

The Dark Side of XBOX: The New XBOX 360 Elite

200801009_1.jpgMicrosoft has finally joined the Dark Age of gaming as it unveiled the Xbox 360 Elite System in black. Will this bring new light to the next generation of gaming? The launch of the new system heightens its rivalry with Sony’s PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii. Armed with more storage space, enhanced graphics capabilities, and a new black finish, the Xbox 360 Elite system is as formidable as it can get.

Music Labels to QTrax: No Deal

qtrax-press_pic04.gifThe world’s biggest music companies, including Warner Music Group Corp and Sony BMG, denied that they have agreed to license songs for a free download service that was launched by Qtrax on Monday. Qtrax told Reuters and other media outlets last week that it had deals with the major labels representing about 75 percent of all music sales, to let users download songs for free in a new service to be supported by advertising revenue.