200801011_1.jpgNASA is going to offer space travel to everyone! “If the army’s doing it, so can we.” That seems to be the credo that NASA’s adopting these days with the announcement that they’re looking to venture into the massively-multiplayer online gamespace.

A NASA-based MMO built on a game engine that includes powerful physics capabilities could support accurate in-game experimentation and research. It should simulate real NASA engineering and science missions in a medium that is comfortable and familiar to the majority of students in the United States today. A NASA-based MMO could provide opportunities for students to investigate (science and technology) career paths while participating in engaging game-play.

We’re talking real-life physics here, so you can throw those arcade space shooters out the window because NASA means serious business. The Newtonian physics used in the Independence War series come to mind right now.

Of course, you can’t make a MMO game set in space without an avatar. Will NASA tolerate aliens and such? It would be boring to go through the whole game as just a human. Also, it’s going to be interesting how the space agency will draw the line between reality and fiction. After all, the final frontier has inspired countless movies and literature. NASA wants to tap that same inspiration and channel it into their spaced-out MMO scene. Any takers? Anyone interested can write their own proposals for NASA!

Source: Wired, NASA

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