200801009_1.jpgMicrosoft has finally joined the Dark Age of gaming as it unveiled the Xbox 360 Elite System in black. Will this bring new light to the next generation of gaming? The launch of the new system heightens its rivalry with Sony’s PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii. Armed with more storage space, enhanced graphics capabilities, and a new black finish, the Xbox 360 Elite system is as formidable as it can get.

Clad in a menacing all black shell, the Xbox 360 Elite System boasts of 120GB of hard drive space (six times larger than the previous Premium System and twice the size of that of the PS3). It comes with High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) for better image quality. It also comes with peripherals that equally match the system’s color finish: premium black. It may not be as sexy as PS3 or as cute as the Wii, but the Elite definitely stand out on your rack. It still has the basic ports like those found on the Premium console, and the capability to stream and perform file sharing tasks (wireless if you must). It remains compatible with all 360 Premium Games, works as a sleek multimedia player, and of course, retains its premier online gaming capability. But above all these, the Xbox 360 Elite runs on a 3.2GHz processor with 512MB of GDDR3 RAM. Simply put, this mean machine is really, really fast!

The Xbox 360 Elite is definitely a keeper. A beacon for the next generation of game consoles, it comes with a 120GB removable hard drive, by far the largest in gaming history. The inviting black color scheme alone will make you want to save up for it. If you fancy the idea of having the meanest of game consoles on your desk, the Elite system is a must have. The Xbox 360 Elite system is the ultimate in console gaming nirvana.

Source: Microsoft

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