first-alert-security-lights.jpgThe days of not locking your door as you step out to get a coffee have long passed. Today, a considerable effort is placed in protecting your home or business. Securing your loved ones and valuables comes down to choosing the best security system for the job that will provide you with safety and above all, peace of mind. First Alert kills two birds with one stone by a combining bright Halogen light source with surveillance security.

Variety of Surveillance Cameras Makes Security Easier

first-alert-security-lights.jpgFirst Alert offers numerous types of cameras with different features and qualities. Before getting started on shopping for the right security camera system, take the time to observe how visible your surrounds are at night. Because most burglaries happen at night, make sure you are opting for a security camera that has fairly good night capturing modes.

First Alert pairs a Motion Light Par38 Sensor with an internal security camera that’s completely weather proof and expandable for up to 4 cameras. This system is equipped with wireless technology for easy installation anywhere. It has time and sun sensitive light activation for quick response. Its internal camera is housed in a long-lasting aluminum frame that can withstand rough outdoor conditions. This video surveillance system is a great way to achieve the level of protection you’ve looking for!

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