wasteometer.PNGIn a century where people start losing their social skills and the trend is to turn everything into online businesses, Waste-O-Meter is the scale that measures your PC/Internet “weight”. I bet your time is a precious thing, who’s isn’t? But have you ever counted how much time you spend on the Net chatting with friends or browsing?

The whole web industry is about you spending more time in front of the computer, there are many articles about what is the average time one spends on Google, My Space, Yahoo messenger or etc; all these companies are very proud of how much time you spend/waste on their sites. However, if search engines were better maybe people would find what they were looking for faster and hence the time spent would be smaller; Google for instance grew so fat that many times the results returned are irrelevant in relation to queries. Similarly, if someone is spending so much time on a social network maybe he/she doesn’t have a life; does it mean that my space is a place of jobless people?

Willing to compare that against the time spent on the computer while producing something useful or even working? (yeah, your boss will love these stats!)


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  • Waste-O-Meter

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