Acer AL2216WBDEnhance your vision with the Acer AL2216WBD. Incorporating the latest LCD technology, the Acer AL2216WBD offers the best visibility, performance and unprecedented value. The high level of brightness 300cd/m2 together with 700:1 contrast ratio creates crisp images and enhances legibility. With its fast response time of 5ms, the Acer AL2216WBD brings remarkable display quality to your desktop.

Widescreen Format: Widescreen monitors deliver a cinematic experience by allowing you to see more images than you would on a standard screen of the same display size. Widescreen monitors are ideal for watching DVDs and playing games. You’ll see images that are similar in proportion to what you’d see in the movie theater.

The Fastest Response Time: Fast 5ms video response enables digital, HD broadcast-quality video.

DVI/VGA Input: Enjoy the versatility of the sharper, colorful digital graphics from DVI, along with standard VGA graphics. DVI/VGA doubles your connection possibilities.

Very User Friendly Controls: No guessing or stressing. User friendly controls allow you to operate your monitor easily so you can devote your full attention to the fabulous images onscreen.

Source: ACER

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