logitech-vxnano-l23-6313-mb.jpgSimplify life on the road with the ultra-portable Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks. It’s always ready for use, thanks to the world’s smallest USB receiver. Plug it into your notebook’s USB port just once, then forget about it. No more broken or lost receivers. No more hassles.

The World’s Smallest USB Receiver! Plug-and-forget nano-receiver: Barely larger than a coin, the receiver is so tiny you can plug it into your notebook just once – and forget about it. It’s small, yet powerful. You can expect a robust wireless connection with advanced 2.4 GHz cordless technology.

True Convenience! It’s always ready. You leave the nano-receiver plugged into your notebook, and your mouse is always ready. It also comes with a protective pouch, so you can use the stylish pouch to protect your mouse when it’s not in use. The VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse also has much longer battery life; you now get up to 6 months of use (or longer with the convenient on/off switch).

The VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse has Ultra-Portability and Style! It has an ultra-portable mouse design. It’s so slim, it slips easily into your notebook bag. Yet, it complements your active lifestyle with an ultra-slim, sleek design. You can even store the nano-receiver inside the mouse when you need to free up a USB port. And it shuts down when stored, saving more battery life.

In short, this is a must have for on the go! Get your today!

Source: Logitech

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