dpg-1200-1-copy.jpgA marriage between your PC and TV? Gotta love it! That’s what this DPG-1200 PC on TV Media Player from D-link is. Wouldn’t you rather watch that movie you just downloaded on your 50-inch LCD flat screen instead of that dinky laptop? How about sitting down and watching the latest videos on YouTube? Or maybe you’d like to show your family those pictures from your latest vacation without having everyone hovering over your shoulder. D-Links makes it a snap! Access and view your computers desktop via your TV!

This thing is packed with features! You can use it over your wireless network, or plug it directly into your PC. Don’t have one those fancy flat-Screen TV’s? Worry not. The PC-on-TV Media Player offers the ultimate in connectivity. It’s got everything from VGA inputs, to the old school RCA inputs.

What good would the PC-on-TV Media Player be without an easy way to navigate your PCs desktop? I mean this would all be a tad bit pointless if you had run to your room to play your video, than run back to the living room to watch it. For this, the PC-on-TV Media Player comes with mouse/remote hybrid. This tool gives you full control over your computer via the PC-on-TV Media Player. That’s right, you can navigate your computer on the other side of the house with the remote. It’s got a trackball so you can get exactly where you need to go, as well as left and right click buttons for you to access your files. It’s almost like sitting right in front of your PC.

If your computer usage involves a heavy dose of media activities like viewing pictures and watching movies, you should defiantly check out the D-Link PC-on-TV Media Player!

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D-Link DPG-1200 PC on TV Media Player