Lumin MultiTouch systemThis Display System Loves To Be Touched: Here’s a treat for those dying to get their hands on a multi-touch display system right this second! Lumin, a German company, unleashed a masterpiece they creatively called MultiTouch. Now, you and your loved ones can start pawing all over the 42-inch, 1024 x 768 display. It is powered by a Mac Mini and can be partnered with Apple’s wireless keyboard and mouse. The screen is driven by Lumin’s proprietary software, and allows you to do all sorts of neat tricks like zooming, rotating, and panning with various finger and hand combinations. They are looking into implementing offering rear-projection, front-projection, and “shaped” screens in the near future. But none of those seem to be sporting touch capabilities.

Lumin MultiTouch systemThis cool creation represents a completely new type of human-computer interaction as it combines input and output devices – other input devices such as a mouse and keyboard are no longer needed. The Lumin MultiTouch system is the first MultiTouch terminal available in the world for large screens. The device is controlled through its screen using intuitive hand motions like that of the new Apple iPhone’s touch screen.

While it is currently joined with Mac hardware, a PC compatible version should not be far away.

Hardware: Its multi-touch sensing system used in the innovative 42” MultiTouch Terminal enables a user to interact with a system with more than one finger at a time, creating a new range of advanced interactive possibilities. MultiTouch is a completely new type of human-computer interaction, allowing intuitive gestures to operate the system and multiple users to work simultaneously.

Software: The MultiTouch’s elegant looks is complemented by the power-packed software working from within. The Software package includes the Lumin’s input recognition software and a series of standard applications, which are pre-installed for plug-and-play operation.

Source: Lumin GmbH

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