viveza_box.jpgNik Software introduces its latest member to its photo-editing innovation portfolio. This new software will run as a plug-in to Adobe Systems’ Photoshop. The image adjustment feature, which first appeared in Nikon Capture NX will soon be available for both Mac and Windows versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements in the form of a plug-in called Viveza. The Viveza plug-in brings the “U Point” editing method which provides easy-to-use options for correcting and enhancing images without the need to create complicated selections or layer masks, or has expert-level knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

The software functions as a Photoshop smart filter, which was designed to be applied nondestructively meaning it can be updated or enhanced further anytime during the editing process. The U Point system is an attempt to simplify photo-editing tasks that often require complicated selection and masking operations. Having control points present on an image gives users sliders to adjust color, saturation, lighting, and other parameters, and those adjustments also affect other parts of the image similar to where the control point is located. This produces a more enhanced outcome.


“When attempting to selectively edit images, photographers typically face the challenge of isolating the color or object they want to enhance, and then need to ensure the selective enhancements look natural,” said Michael J. Slater, president and CEO of Nik Software. “At the heart of Viveza is our U Point technology, which uniquely addresses these challenges and provides Photoshop users with a full range of capabilities for selectively controlling color and light,” Slater concluded.

With Nik Software’s Viveza plug-in, photographers will be able to do more to improve the overall quality of their images and address image editing tasks that are too complex, or simply not possible with other photo editing tools. Viveza will ship in the first quarter for Windows and Mac OS X and cost about $250.

Contributor: Flare Rico, TigerDirect Correspondent

Source: Nik Software

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