Panasonic DMC l10kElectronics giant Panasonic may be new to the digital camera industry but remains unfazed by the presence of giants such as Nikon, Canon, and Sony. On the contrary, Panasonic has high hopes for itself for this year. “We will try our best to achieve 15 percent market share by 2009,” Tokihazu Matsumoto, Director of Panasonic’s Digital Still Camera Business Unit, said in a news conference during the Photo Marketing Association trade show here. “We aim to become one of the top camera brands in the industry.”

The company has set a goal to hit 15 million units globally during the fiscal year, which for Panasonic runs through March 2010. Matsumoto admitted that it is a huge step for the company and a it will require a lot of work. Panasonic will have to pull its market share from ten percent in 2007 to thirteen percent this year. Aiming much higher will mean they will have to have to climb over a few manufacturers. Doing so will reap fifteen percent for Panasonic. Specifically, that means Sony, with a market share percentage already in the high teens, and Canon, with market share exceeding 20 percent.

“Panasonic’s goal is “aggressive,” given that the digital camera market isn’t growing much and most sales are to repeat buyers,” commented Ed Lee, said InfoTrends analyst.

Panasonic will unveil several new compact models that put major emphasis on automation. These will feature concepts such as Intelligent Exposure which divides a scene into 3,000 regions as it is captured, analyzes which are likely to be underexposed and adjusts the camera exposure accordingly. The exposure boost takes place gradually so there aren’t edges or visible artifacts.

The company also hopes to capture a bigger market with their cameras that feature wide angle lenses to better capture crowd shots. Several new models which will be exhibited at the PMA ’08 photo trade show will sport a 25mm wide-angle lens.

Contributor: Flare Rico, TigerDirect Correspondent


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