Patriot 16GB SD CardStorage needs increasing? Don’t feel like you are the only one – everyone seems to consume more hard drive space, use more flash drives and SD cards, external hard drives and nearly every device we use has some form of memory card.

SD has quickly become the more widely accepted and used format of flash memory in addition to Compact Flash and USB Drives. Nearly every camera has one now, and even Sony who has always only had their Memory Stick Slot, has gone ahead and realized that they must at least have both to satisfy consumers.

SD has had several sizes released but not matter what size it is – 16GB is an incredible capacity for an SD card and they seem to now be available from several manufacturers. MicroSD in capacities up to 8GB have already been seen (and held in hand), and 16GB MicroSDHC has also been announced by Toshiba.

Next, SSD drives are going to be the up and coming format of choice – once their pricepoint drops.

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