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Speakers Surround without Surrounding

Watching a movie, playing a video game or even watching television these days, the focus seems to be all about high definition. Yet what you hear is really just as important as what you see. And while what we’re seeing on the screen is still pretty much two dimensional, three dimensional sound can truly enhance the viewing experience.

The whole idea about sound that surrounds you is to give you an immersive experience to what you are observing. In the real world, even with your eyes closed, you can tell where something is related to your position as well as the direction it’s moving and how close it is to you. These audible dimensions are what movie theatres try to create even when you’re watching a two dimensional screen. Just look at the walls when you walk in to your local movie house and check out the rows of speakers on the walls all around you. That really nice television setup you recently purchased or are going to buy more than likely has the ability to surround you in some kind of digital sound and if you don’t have the right speakers set up in the proper manner, you’re really shortchanging yourself. Speakers can really make or break the overall experience. So while you’re keeping your eye on the ball, make sure you also keep your ear to the ground.

Nüvifone: Garmin Enters Mobile Phone Market

garmin-nuviphone.jpgGarmin International Inc., the world’s leading GPS manufacturer, announced its entrance into the mobile phone market with the nüvifone. An all-in-one, slim bodied, touchscreen device, the nüvifone combines the features of a premium phone, mobile web-browser, and cutting-edge personal navigator.

Google Locks Horns With EU Over Privacy Issues

200801005_1.gifWhen two gigantic beasts collide, expect aftershocks. The European Parliament was thrown into chaos on Monday when media giant Google castigated the EU body for urging rival companies to intervene in the personal data handling regulatory process following the search engine’s takeover of its former competitor DoubleClick. More »

Skyfire Browser For Smartphones

SkyfireSkyfire, a start-up company, has spent the last 18 months to develop a new proprietary technology that now delivers web content to mobile phones at a speed that matches computer browsing. This revelation was made at the DEMO 08 conference. Skyfire’s CEO Bhandari claims that Skyfire’s success can be attributed to the development of a unique efficient protocol that their servers transcode every web page into on the fly. It is these pages, transcoded into a phone format, that allow users to view and transact online like they do on their broadband PCs.

Until the development of special browsers, mobile browsing has brought substandard WAP pages, second-rate versions of websites, persistent error messages, slow rendering of of images, and very unreliable transactions. The release of Skyfire not only addresses these pain points in the mobile online experience, but is certain to catapult mobile usage into mainstream in one step.

A Burning Torch: Fry A Egg With Your Flashlight!

200801027_2.jpgRemember as kid you were infatuated with burning stuff? Ants, paper, leaves, your sisters Barbie Doll? Nothing was safe back when you were going through that stage. Well if you still haven’t out grown having fun with fire, then here’s a little technology that should put a wicked smile on your face. Introducing “The Torch”, it’s the world’s brightest and most powerful flashlight. Manufactured by Wicked Lasers, a company whose products comprise of high powered lasers and laser pointers, The Torch is 100 Lumens more powerful that the previous most powerful flashlight in the world, the Polarion Helios. At 4100 Lumens, The Torch is capable of melting plastic, lighting paper and can even fry an egg. Who wants to play with a magnifying glass when you can’t use it at night? More »

Greener PCs: New Power-Efficient Isaiah Chips

200801035_1.jpgVia introduces its latest technology in the new Isaiah chip. This new release was considered as “an extremely significant milestone in Via’s processor business,” commented Wenchi Chen, President and Chief Executive at Via. In achieving these new levels of functionality and performance, Isaiah provides the ideal complement to our industry-leading family of low power Via C7 processors and will enable us to extend our presence in the global x86 processor market. Via claimed that the range offers the best performance-per-watt on the market, helping in the production of green, silent and small form-factor desktop PCs. More »

Today In History: February 4th

date_4.gifToday is Monday, Feb. 4, the 35th day of 2008. There are 331 days left in the year. Today’s Highlight in History: On Feb. 4, 1789, electors chose George Washington to be the first president of the United States. (However, the results of the balloting were not counted in the U.S. Senate until two months later). More »

Budget Gaming – Is there such a thing? ATI says Yes!

ati-radeon-logo.jpg“Leave No Gamer Behind” seems to be the new mantra from ATI. They’re on a mission to make gaming more accessible to the masses. What they have in mind is affordable video cards with solid gaming performance and great HD playback. The result is the introduction of the new Radeon HD 3400 and 3600 series; cards for the more budget-minded consumer. Do the ATI video card elves ever sleep?

Thermaltake Mozart IP: Orchestration In Design & Function

200801033_1.gifThe aptly named for a Home Theater PC, the Mozart IP from Thermaltake is an orchestration in design and function. It is capable of connecting to more portable media devices than most other Home Theater PCs, (including the iPod), the Mozart IP looks great and works pretty darned well too! More »

40-Hours of Power: Silicon Nanowires yield higher Battery Capacity

silicon-nanowires.jpgIt keeps going, and going, and going. You were probably thinking about the Energizer bunny commercial, weren’t you? Well, most of the time you’d be right in that assumption, but not today. Picture if you will, the ability to fly from New York to Tokyo – do some number crunching, work on PowerPoint presentations, watch a few DVDs — and then do a full day of meetings– using your laptop throughout the day and into the night without ever plugging in your power adapter to recharge your battery. Sounds far-fetched right? But this scenario may actually become a reality in the near future.

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