Warning Don’t Try This At Home!

200801027_2.jpgRemember as kid you were infatuated with burning stuff? Ants, paper, leaves, your sisters Barbie Doll? Nothing was safe back when you were going through that stage. Well if you still haven’t out grown having fun with fire, then here’s a little technology that should put a wicked smile on your face. Introducing “The Torch”, it’s the world’s brightest and most powerful flashlight. Manufactured by Wicked Lasers, a company whose products comprise of high powered lasers and laser pointers, The Torch is 100 Lumens more powerful that the previous most powerful flashlight in the world, the Polarion Helios. At 4100 Lumens, The Torch is capable of melting plastic, lighting paper and can even fry an egg. Who wants to play with a magnifying glass when you can’t use it at night?

Typical flashlights used by hunters have a typical brightness of 200 Lumens or more. Tactical flashlights are in the 1000 Lumens range. But at 4100 Lumens, nothing else comes close to the output of The Torch. It’s no surprise that the Guinness Book of World Records is currently reviewing “The Torch” for inclusion in their list of record breaking inventions. There’s a downside though to having such a powerful light source and that’s the drain on the battery. Most flashlights last at least an hour. “The Torch”, having to pump out such intense light and running on regular batteries, lasts a mere 15 minutes. But if you’re only out to light a bonfire, melt some bottles and show off what you can do with the Torch, then 15 minutes is more than enough time for showing off.
“The Torch” is pretty tough, made of aerospace grade aluminum. Considering it generates a lot of heat, such a material would also help to keep things cool after 15 minutes of continuous use. The dimensions of “The Torch” are similar to most large flashlights at 57mm x 230mm. Relying on regular batteries for power there’s nothing significant about the design except the bulb which is proprietary to Wicked Lasers and the high efficiency adjustable reflector. So if you’re not into burning and melting objects immediately and would rather employ a slow cook technique, just tweak the bezel to adjust the intensity.
This is a great toy for adults who never out grew burning piles of trash or melting the odd toy soldier. And as a toy intended for adult use only, The Torch should be kept well away from unsupervised children. Who knows where a 15 minute flashlight rated at 4100 Lumens will be of use. But if you’ve got some time to kill, plenty of batteries, and a small termite infestation… well you get the picture.

Source: Wicked Lasers

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